SKU: 83643 / Model: PFPFH58100 / UPC: 055636836431

100 ft. x 5/8-inch Polyfusion Hose

100 ft. x 5/8-inch Polyfusion Hose


The PRO flow 100-ft 5/8-in Flexible Hose has been engineered with a lightweight flexible hybrid polymer, eliminating kinking under pressure. It redefines flexibility, making it easy to manœuvre around trees, bushes or any other obstacle. Extremely lightweight and compact, it coils easily without kinking. With PRO flow hose connectors at both ends of the hose and the included PRO flow Tap Adaptor, it can easily and quickly click onto your tap and any other quick connect accessory. The Waterstop connector at the accessory end of the hose allows you to change accessories without turning off the tap.

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Technical details

Handle length
0 cm
36,2 x 36,2 x 17,2
Total length
36.195 cm
Total weight
7 kg
Handle length
14 1/4 x 14 1/4 x 6 3/4
15.32 lbs
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