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Our common driving force is innovation. Innovation is at the heart of our values, uniting us all in the mission to create solid tools for quality jobs. Whatever your role, you'll play an essential part in this mission while advancing your career.

A solid work environment

At Garant, we foster a culture of collaboration, where your talent and unique perspective contribute to our collective achievements. Embark on an adventure with Garant, where you'll become an integral part of our success. With a team of over 350 passionate professionals, we are the industry leader in the manufacture of non-powered tools and accessories across Canada.

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About Garant

Since 1895, Garant has been manufacturing quality tools in Saint-François-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud, Québec. Today, we’re the largest manufacturer and marketer of non-powered landscape and gardening tools, construction tools, striking tools, snow removal implements and accessories in Canada.
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  • Group pension plan with employer contribution

  • Employee discount

  • Group insurance

  • Work/life balance

  • Opportunity for advancement

  • Gradual retirement program

  • Protective equipment supplied

  • Sports and social activities

  • Marketing project manager

    Temps plein  | Nous recherchons un(e) chargé(e) de projets marketing B2C et B2B dynamique pour rejoindre notre équipe marketing

    Marketing project manager

    Temps plein  | Nous recherchons un(e) chargé(e) de projets marketing B2C et B2B dynamique pour rejoindre notre équipe marketing

  • Ingénieur de production

    Temps plein  | L' ingénieur de production est responsable de la bonne marche des opérations d’usine au point de vue technique ainsi que de l’optimisation des procédés.

    Ingénieur de production

    Temps plein  | L' ingénieur de production est responsable de la bonne marche des opérations d’usine au point de vue technique ainsi que de l’optimisation des procédés.

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At Garant, we're always on the lookout for new talent to join our team. If you're driven by the desire to make a difference and contribute to innovative projects, we invite you to submit a spontaneous application.
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Forget the image of the solitary accountant lining up columns of figures from morning to night.

That's not the case at Garant. Here, you don't just have to love numbers, you have to love teamwork. (And the ability to master month-ends, year-ends and annual budgets!)

Being owned by a publicly-traded company, Garant must ensure the rigor and accuracy of its financial information. It can count on a solid team of professionals, including analysts, technicians and a financial controller.

What does the day-to-day life of a finance person entail?

  • Working as part of a multidisciplinary team with the product manager, engineer and procurement manager to determine the right price for new products.
  • Ensure sound management of resources and assets through planning, coordination and compliance with established policies and procedures.
  • Facilitate the work of colleagues by providing accurate and relevant financial information to guide decision-making.

Types of positions in the team

  • Financial Analyst
  • Cost price analyst
  • Controller
  • Accounting clerk
  • Customs technician
  • Administrative Technician

A job in finance at Garant means :

  • Work for a large-scale company backed by rigorous processes.
  • Evolve in a structured environment where new ideas and ways of doing things are encouraged.
  • See the concrete results of your work: our products are sold from one end of Canada to the other.

There's always room for those who want to get involved. Send us your CV.

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Engineering & innovation

Innovation is at the heart of our business. It's ingrained in our culture. It's part of our DNA.

At Garant, a team is dedicated to developing new products. Every year, new products are born and found in sales outlets across Canada. Each time, the goal is the same: to offer consumers high-performance tools that will make their work easier.

To achieve this, we have to constantly review our manufacturing activities to ensure we are always more efficient.

Continuous improvement. Process standardization. Automation.

The shift to Industry 4.0? At Garant, we're not just talking about it, we're living it. And it's really stimulating.

What's the day-to-day reality for engineering staff?

- For R&D engineers, whose main tasks are directly linked to the design of new products, multidisciplinary teamwork is omnipresent.

- Automation and production engineers use their skills to improve manufacturing operations. They do this not only to increase efficiency, but also to provide employees with a more ergonomic working environment, better suited to the tasks they have to perform.

Types of positions on the team

  • Automation engineer
  • Production engineer
  • R&D engineer
  • Product designer
  • Product manager

An engineering job at Garant means :

  • Work for a major company that values creativity and innovation.
  • Be a key player in the shift to Industry 4.0. 
  • Designing products that meet real, concrete needs.

There's always room for those who want to get involved.Send us your CV.


Market analysis. Lifecycle management. Product development processes. Pricing strategy. Product launches. Advertising and promotional campaigns. Intelligence.

At Garant, the marketing team orchestrates all these activities. It adapts strategies according to target clientele and season.

In fact, part of the team focuses on winter products, while other teams concentrate on summer and fall products.

Shovelling your driveway with your ergonomic shovel? The marketing team is already busy developing the next modular garden for your flowers next summer.

That's how the seasons go at Garant... There's never a dull moment!

What's a marketer's day-to-day life like?

  • For the marketing specialist, it means helping to market products by updating the website and various printed documents. It also means coordinating photo shoots, managing social media, organizing trade shows, creating ads and more.
  • Product managers are responsible for managing the product portfolio. From designing new products to bringing them to market. By the nature of their role, Product Managers work closely with their colleagues in Finance, R&D and Procurement to ensure a 360-degree view of all product-related aspects.


Types of positions in the team

  • Marketing specialist
  • Graphic designer
  • Product marketing specialist
  • Marketing agent
  • B2C Marketing Project Manager


A marketing job at Garant means :

  • Managing all aspects of the marketing mix.
  • Being responsible for a product category.
  • Designing and marketing products that make life easier for thousands of Canadians, whatever the season.


There's always room for those who want to get involved. Send us your CV.

Maintenance & production

Here, day laborers operate the equipment needed to assemble our products. There are thousands of products at Garant. No time to get bored!

Customers choose Garant products for manufacturing quality, performance and consistency. Our team carries out rigorous quality control and product testing. This ensures solidity and long-term performance.

In maintenance and production, of course, we take care of producing the order book. However, a large part of our job is also to improve and modernize our methods and processes to gain in efficiency and profitability.

As part of the shift to Industry 4.0, for example, we're involved in automated work cells with robots. Everyone is really part of the change. It's highly motivating.

Types of positions in the team:

  • Injection press fitter
  • Electromechanic
  • Heavy machine operator maintenance
  • Labourer
  • Mechanic
  • Toolmaker
  • Production planner
  • Production supervisor
  • Quality technician

A job in maintenance and production at Garant means :

  • Perform a variety of tasks ranging from assembly, to operating metal presses, to preparing for painting, to recovering wood used for various tools.
  • Be versatile, flexible and open to change to keep pace with new technologies.
  • Receive the training and support you need to perfect your knowledge and have the background you need to do your job well.


There's always room for those who want to get involved. Send us your CV.


At Garant, we want happy employees. Providing a positive experience for our employees is at the heart of the HR team's actions.
Want some examples? Taking charge of organizing an activity for employees, negotiating discounts for our employees on products and services offered in the region, individual consultations with an ergonomist to adapt our workstations, etc.

Of course, the role of HR at Garant is also to support strategic objectives. Recruitment, skills development, training, health and safety are responsibilities shared between HR advisors.

What does the day-to-day work of HR people involve?

  • The HR advisor supports office and plant employees and advises managers. They are the guardians of good relations and a stimulating atmosphere. With hours of operation 24/7, the HR Advisor is in constant contact with managers to ensure that there are sufficient resources to meet needs.
  • For the payroll and human resources technician, this means handling over 350 payrolls per week, as well as supporting the HR team in its staffing and benefits administration activities. Needless to say, rigor and professionalism are not optional for this position!


Types of positions in the team

  • HR Advisor
  • Payroll and benefits technician
  • Preventionist


A job in human resources at Garant means :

  • Supporting employees in developing their skills through training and coaching.
  • Independently managing 360 files to the best of your ability.
  • Contribute to Garant's social life by organizing activities of all kinds.


There's always room for those who want to get involved. Send us your CV.


Industry 4.0. Robotization. Automation. You may be thinking that these are buzzwords that are often heard, but rarely experienced for real in the workplace...

For Garant's IT team, it's a daily reality.

Managing change. Adapting systems and processes. Employee training and support.

Employees are at the heart of Garant's digital transformation. With the efforts and commitment of operations, HR and engineering, the IT team is a real catalyst in this shift for the success of the organization.

How would you like to be an Industry 4.0 craftsman at Garant?

Types of positions in the team

  • System administrator
  • Programmer analyst
  • System analyst
  • Network Technician

An IT job at Garant means :

  • Playing a key role in the shift to Industry 4.0.
  • Keeping abreast of new technologies and anticipating change
  • Strike the words monotony and routine from your vocabulary: things are constantly evolving here.


There's always room for those who want to get involved. Send us your CV.

Logistics & procurement

With hundreds of components involved in the manufacture of our products, needless to say, everything to do with supply chain and logistics is at the heart of our business.

The role of logistics and procurement has greatly evolved over the last decade. Our people are involved in data analysis, planning, quality testing and control, financial and contract management, material receipt scheduling, transportation and warehousing. Nothing can be left to chance. Our role is to facilitate the work of our colleagues in operations and to ensure the accuracy of our customers' orders.

What does the day-to-day work of logistics and procurement people involve?

  • For buyers, it means supporting departments so that they always have the materials and supplies they need to run their operations smoothly. It also means seeing to the replacement of parts of all kinds.
  • As for the Strategic Purchaser, he or she is in charge of negotiating and purchasing of raw materials such as plastics, wood, metal and more. He also ensures that deadlines and agreements with numerous suppliers are met. Production doesn't wait!
  •  Using a variety of indicators, the sales forecasting analyst provides the information buyers need to align sales and manufacturing requirements.


Types of positions in the team

  • Supply technician
  • Maintenance and administration buyer
  • Strategic purchaser
  • Sales forecasting analyst
  • Dispatcher
  • Logistics project manager
  • Inventory analyst
  • Logistics technician


A job in logistics and procurement at Garant means :

  • Placing orders and following up with suppliers located around the world.
  • Monitoring supplier performance to ensure consistent quality of supply.
  • Being constantly in solution mode to avoid potential stock-outs.


There's always room for those who want to get involved. Send us your CV.