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Roller Spreader

Roller Spreader

  • Ideal for spreading manure, compost, peat moss or soil, encouraging healthy lawn growth.
  • Equipped with diamond-shaped holes, this spreader ensures even distribution of materials, guaranteeing a green, uniform lawn.
  • Heavy-duty 24" steel roller with access door for easy cleaning after use.
  • Ergonomic handle with non-slip grip, easy to assemble and remove for convenient storage.


The Garant Roller Spreader is the perfect tool for spreading manure, compost, peat moss or soil, promoting healthy lawn growth. Featuring diamond-shaped holes, this spreader distributes organic matter evenly, contributing to a green, even lawn.

Its ergonomic handle, with non-slip grip, assembles easily with a single click, offering comfortable handling. What's more, it can be removed for convenient, space-saving storage, allowing you to maximize space in your shed or garage.

The 24" heavy-duty steel roller ensures exceptional durability, even under heavy use. Its access door facilitates cleaning after use, allowing you to keep your equipment in top condition for many seasons to come.

The Garant Spreader Roller is an indispensable tool for maintaining and beautifying your lawn. Go for quality, practicality and performance with this reliable equipment, designed to meet your spreading needs with efficiency and precision, making Garant your solid ally in lawn care.

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Technical details

Volume capacity
2.7 CU FT
Volume capacity
0.08 M
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