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19" High Capacity Mountain Mover

19" High Capacity Mountain Mover


Clear snow accumulations quickly and efficiently with the Garant Pro high-capacity snow shovel, a solution designed to meet the demands of professionals. Built for performance and durability, this industrial snow shovel is the ideal tool for those who demand reliability in the harshest winter conditions. Its design enables you to lift and move large quantities of snow with minimum effort, improving the efficiency of your work.

The sturdy fiberglass handle ensures long life and optimum visibility with its bright yellow finish. A D-shaped handle makes it easy to grip, designed for comfort and control when clearing snow. What's more, this shovel is equipped with strategically placed footstep, allowing you to use your own weight to dig more easily into compacted snow, thus reducing the effort required.

Make the Garant Pro snow shovel your ally against Canadian winters. Its safe design and ability to tackle the toughest projects make it indispensable equipment for any professional or resident wishing to keep their outdoor spaces free of snow. Invest in quality and performance for efficient, hassle-free snow removal.

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