Two-Way Shingle Remover

Two-Way Shingle Remover

SKU: 84769 / Model: GPRS7RL / UPC: 055636847697


Remove shingles and nails with ease using this Garant Pro Series two-sided shingle remover. This tool features a heavy-duty 7-inch (17.8 cm) steel head with two fully functional sides. This product’s assembly provides stability with two screws at the head. The Y-shaped teeth on both sides of the head make it easy to remove everything on the first pass. In addition, the curve helps shingles slide off. The ergonomic handle with optimized angle prevents roofers from bumping their knuckles during use. It is the ideal tool for working while standing. This industrial quality shingle remover was specially designed for roofers looking for a sturdy, efficient and comfortable tool.

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133.35 cm
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