SKU: 80116 / Model: GRP18 / UPC: 055636801163

17" ripping chisel

17" ripping chisel


Rip out nails and remove walls, studs, frames and more with the help of the Garant ripping chisel. A combination of a nail puller, claw and lever, this 17 inch (43.2 cm) off set right angle tool is made of forged and tempered steel for increased strength and rigidity. Its sharpened beveled extremities and its claw permits the ripping out of nails and the removal of other materials efficiently. This ripping chisel is especially made for DIYers and professionals looking for a robust, reliable and efficient tool for various demolition projects.

Technical details

Handle length
0 cm
Total length
43.18 cm
Total weight
1.04 kg
Handle length
2.3 lbs
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