SKU: 01908 / Model: KPWBLW5 / UPC: 049206019089

Kids poly wheelbarrow

Kids poly wheelbarrow


TOOLS THAT LET LITTLE HANDS DO BIG WORK. Introduce your kids to the joys of gardening with tools that really work. Our kids’ tools feature simple designs that will stand up to years of hard work and play. Kids will love helping with snow shoveling, leaf raking, digging and gardening using these tools. Their bright colors make them easy to find when it’s time to put them away. Encourage your little ones to garden thanks to the Lil' True Temper wheelbarrow. Its 1 cu ft poly tray is lightweight and easy to control. It has a molded rubber tire and wood handles. This Lil' True Temper wheelbarrow is especially designed for children.

Technical details

Total length
83.0072 cm
Total weight
3.9 kg
8.6 lbs
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