Planters and Plants Combinations in Vogue for 2024

Planters and Plants Combinations in Vogue for 2024

With the arrival of Spring and warmer temperatures, our thoughts turn to preparing our balconies and terraces for the coming season, highlighting the annuals. This year, three outdoor styles are catching the eye: Country, Contemporary and Scandinavian.

If you're looking for the perfect combination of planters and plants for your outdoor space, discover the ideal mixes that will embellish your decor with refinement and elegance.


Country style

The charm of the “Farmhouse” style is in the spotlight this year, with rustic flowerpot designs that perfectly complement this warm look. Pots reminiscent of old wooden barrels blend beautifully with this country decor, adding a touch of authenticity to your outdoor space.

To accompany these pots, choose plants reminiscent of the wilderness of the fields. Any plant with a country feel is welcome, from enchanting field flowers to simple potted ferns, they can complement this style perfectly.

Opting for Pennisetum 'Skyrocket' or 'Rubrum' paired with supertunia-style petunias will create a cascade of country flowers down the length of the pot. Miniature dahlias or rudbeckies can also fill the pot with vibrancy and add vivid color, while geraniums (Pelargonium) offer versatility for any setting.


Contemporary style

For a contemporary look, opt for planters with neutral tones and clean lines that highlight exotic plants.

Tropical plants such as Cyperus and Alocasia are essential choices for this type of setting. Cyperus adds a linear touch, while Alocasia, with its large leaves, creates a striking visual impact. For shady areas, consider integrating begonias with small orange flowers to brighten up the darker corners of your outdoor space.

If you're looking for an alternative, Eupatorium 'Elegant Feather' offers wispy, conifer-like foliage, perfect for creating a separation between two living spaces.


Scandinavian style

For a clean, minimalist Scandinavian look, choose plants with lush green foliage and pots in pale tones such as white or cream. Planters with clean lines and matte or textured finishes add a modern touch to this Nordic style.

Plants such as ferns and ivy with their delicate foliage fit perfectly into this Scandinavian decor, adding a touch of freshness and greenery. Opt also for plants with simple, graphic silhouettes, such as succulents, to complete this sleek, contemporary look.


By following these planters and plants trends for 2024, you'll be able to create an outdoor space in your image, where style and harmony combine perfectly to embellish your decor. Keep in mind that one of the advantages of landscaping is its flexibility: as your tastes change and new trends emerge each season, you can easily refresh your outdoor space. Drop into your local garden center for inspiration and new ideas. You'll then have everything you need to create plant compositions that will brighten up your living spaces all summer long.