Enhance your spaces

Transform any space into a vibrant green oasis with Garant planters. Perfect for brightening up entrances, centerpieces or adding a touch of nature indoors, they bring life and enhance the atmosphere.
  • Momoka
    Their pale gray, imitation-stone finish gives these planters a rustic yet modern look, adding a touch of elegance to your space.
    See Momoka Planters
  • Urban
    Discreet yet trendy, these are superb pieces that can be used as decorations both indoors and out.
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  • Gavin
    With their elegant design and pale gray imitation ceramic finish, Gavin pots add a touch of sophistication and charm.
    See Gavin Planters
  • Whisky Tennessee
    Imitation Tennessee whiskey barrel planters add a unique, rustic touch to your décor.
    See Whisky Planters
  • Modern and trendy design
    Make plants even more attractive by placing them in our avant-garde planters.
  • Explore the styles
    Enhance your space with planters that blend in perfectly with any décor.
  • Affordable price
    Treat yourself to quality and style at a fair price with the Garant range of planters.
  • Undeniable appeal
    Our planters are varied and stylish, to suit everyone's taste and adapt to all environments, from indoor gardens to urban balconies.

Find our planters

Our planters are now available at several retailers. To validate where to find them, please refer to the product page.