SKU: 03308 / Model: C6TC14GA / UPC: 049206033085

Wheelbarrow steel tray, 6 cu ft

Wheelbarrow steel tray, 6 cu ft


Transport dirt, mulch, gravel, tools and other materials easily with the True Temper contractor wheelbarrow. Its 6 cu ft tray with a maximum capacity of 270lb (122.5kg) is made of a single piece of thick steel with steel front tray braces. It has 50 inch ultra-robust steel handles and its ergonomic "ErgoLoop" grips increases control, comfort and facilitates unloading. It has one 16 inch (40.6cm) pneumatic 2 ply tire. This ultra-robust True Temper wheelbarrow is designed for homeowners, landscapers and construction workers who require moving heavy loads.

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Technical details

Weight capacity
122.47 kg
Volume capacity
0.17 m3
Total length
149.225 cm
Total weight
19.77 kg
Weight capacity
270 lbs
Volume capacity
6 ft3
43.58 lbs
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