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Wheelbarrow steel tray, 5 cu ft

Wheelbarrow steel tray, 5 cu ft


Transport dirt, mulch, gravel, tools and other materials with the help of the wheelbarow. Its 5 cu ft tray with a maximum capacity of 190lb (86.1kg) is made of a single piece of steel with easy to assemble front plastic tray braces. It has square 55 inch (139.7cm) wood handles, one 14 inch (35.6cm) pneumatic 2 ply tire with nylon bushing. Small enough for it to be easy to use but big enough to get the work done. This wheelbarrow for gardeners is designed especially for domestic use.

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Technical details

Weight capacity
86.18 kg
Volume capacity
0.142 m3
Total length
135.5725 cm
Total weight
10.2 kg
Weight capacity
190 lbs
Volume capacity
5 ft3
37.8 lbs
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