New Garant vision and growth strategy

Garant Announces a New Growth Strategy to Become the Canadian Leader in the Outdoor Tool Sector

Saint-François-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud (Québec), October2, 2023 –Garant, which has led the outdoor tool manufacturing sector for more than 125years, is launching an ambitious plan to make Garant the Canadian brand of choice for all essential tools and accessories related to outdoor work and projects.Garant’s 350 employee team plans to double brand recognition across Canada, to increase sales by 50%, and to boost project design innovation revenues by 20% within the next 5 years.

New Brand Image

“We have decided to concentrate all our activities under the Garant brand by gradually eliminating several of our sub-brands,” says Pierre-Yves Martin, Garant’s general manager. The transition will take place gradually as the Botanica, Xtra, Econo, Cougar, Practica, Blizzard, Agro Series, Proflow, Yukon, Alpine, Nordic, and Lynx brands are progressively pulled from the shelves to make place for a broader Garant identity.

Vision 2.0 

Garant has undertaken a series of major changes under the leadership of Mr. Martin,who arrived in December 2021. The new management team adopted a resolutely audacious vision: to become the one-stop shop for outdoor projects around Canadian homes and businesses. Martin’s team isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo with new, innovative ideas to achieve those goals. That includes collaborating with LG2, one of Quebec’s top advertising and communications agencies, to improve and strengthen its brand image. “Few tool brands can boast of supporting Canadians in their work for as long as Garant,” says Jacques deVarennes, a partner, and vice-president (Design - Quebec) at LG2. “They have been solid allies for all our maintenance or renovation projects for more than 125 years. We wanted to give them a new brand platform that reflected th ecompany’s evolution while respecting its legacy and heritage.”Garant is thus unveiling a new logo to highlight the transition that illustrates two ideas: the tools that it markets and the resulting collaboration that is fostered between customers, suppliers, employees and the Garant brand. These concepts are illustrated by the two bars in the logo.

A New Brand Image = New Visual 

Garant is deploying the new visuals to assure consumers that they are purchasing Garant products, which have long been synonymous with quality. An advertising campaign and a new website optimized for easy navigation will be launched to help consumers make the right choice of tools for their projects. In 2024, will become a transactional platform that will provide the ability to purchase Garant tools that may not be available through all of its retail partners.

About Garant

Garant was founded in 1895 and has become Canada's largest manufacturer of construction, gardening, and snow removal tools. Garant is known for developing innovative products, which are available in more than 4,800 points of sale across the country, designed tohelp homeowners and professionals carry out their outdoor projects.