SKU: 81031 / Model: DF0424C / UPC: 055636810318

4 lbs sledge hammer

4 lbs sledge hammer


Clear away pieces of wood, drive in iron spikes, rock chisels, drills, large nails and other materials made of wood, cement, metal and iron with the help of the Garant sledge hammer. This striking tool with a black finish has a 4 lb, double-face, forged and tempered steel head for increased strength and rigidity. Its 24 inch (61 cm) varnished hickory handle absorbs shock well. This sledge hammer was designed for DIYers and professionals looking for an efficient tool with an excellent quality/price ratio.

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Technical details

Handle length
61 cm
Head weight
1.81 kg
Total length
58.42 cm
Total weight
2.27 kg
Handle length
Head weight
4 lbs
5 lbs
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