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Wheelbarrow poly tray, 6 cu ft

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CP6   |   01047

About This Product

Transport dirt, mulch, gravel, tools and other materials easily with the True Temper contractor wheelbarrow. Its 6 cu ft tray with a maximum capacity of 270lb (122.5kg) is made of a single piece of corrosion proof poly with reinforced edges, for increased resistance, and steel tray braces in the front. It has 60 inch (152.4cm) hardwood handles and one 16 inch (40.6cm) pneumatic 2 ply tire. This ultra-robust True Temper wheelbarrow is designed for homeowners, landscapers and construction workers who require moving heavy loads.


59.25 long × 29.5 wide


90 days

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16" (40.6 cm) wheel assembly with pneumatic 2-ply tire with oilube bushing

60" (152.4 cm) hardwood handles