Wheelbarrow steel tray, 6 cu ft, flat free tire

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C6STSPFF   |   03918

About This Product

Transport dirt, mulch, gravel, tools and other materials easily with the True Temper contractor wheelbarrow. Its 6 cu ft tray with a maximum capacity of 270lb (122.5kg) is made of a single piece of thick steel with steel front tray braces. It has 60 inch (152.4cm) ultra-robust steel handles with comfort grip and one 16 inch (40.6cm) sport flat-free tire. This ultra-robust True Temper wheelbarrow is designed for homeowners, landscapers and construction workers who require moving heavy loads.


58.75 long × 25.5 wide


90 days

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16" (40.6 cm) wheel with puncture-proof sport pneumatic