2.25 lbs axe with fiberglass handle

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TCA22528   |   99184

About This Product

Cut down, debranch and clear your land with the help of the Garant Pro Series axe. This cutting tool has a 2.25 lb forged steel head with a unique design for more precision and protection, against missed hits, and an integrated nail puller. Done with loose axe heads and handles that break. The head and handle are inseparable due to the fact that during its assembly the handle’s resin is melted into the head to create a uniform structure. The neck is forged to the head for protection against missed hits. Its 28 inch (71.1 cm) handle is ergonomic with a curved anti-slip grip for better manipulation. This superior quality hatchet is designed for professionals as well as outdoor lovers looking for a robust, safe and comfortable tool.


27 long × 6.5 wide


limited lifetime

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unique design forged steel head for more precision and safety