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Choosing the Right Shovel

Oct 27 2015

Round, square, narrow or large blade? Which one to choose? Depending on the task to be carried out, one of these blades will help make your work easier. Some shovels come with a serrated blade for fast and easy soil penetration. See the Excavator tool line.


Ideal for digging holes, transporting earth, planting trees and shrubs, digging up roots, and dividing perennials. Whatever the task, round point shovels are always handy.


Perfect for moving large quantities of earth, sand and other bulk materials.


The narrower blade makes it perfect for the garden. Very practical for digging and turning earth and preparing soil, compost and peat moss mixtures.


The perfect tool for installing irrigation and landscape lighting systems, and for digging shallow trenches around flowerbeds.


Ideal for tearing old shingles off the roof. Essential for professional roofers. Narrow and notched steel blade reducing the user’s effort.


Perfect for moving and scooping grain, seed, feed, fertilizer and other granulated materials.


Round point for easy digging in gravel. Ideal for moving large quantities of bulk materials.


A shovel becomes a pusher when it has a 20¾ in. blade or larger. Pushers are ideal for tasks such as transporting light material in large areas.

Over and above the specialized shovels described here, an impressive variety of similar shovels are offered, among others, to professionals who need tools for specific and intensive use. For example, the Garant Pro Series brand offers post hole spoons, square point railroad track shovels, fire-fighting shovels, gravel shovels, coal scoops and a variety of other tools such as forks, hoes, post hole diggers, whips, and more.

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