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Choosing the Right Rake

Oct 27 2015

Here are some of the features to consider when buying a rake to meet your specific needs.


Many Garant rakes come with a varnished ash handle for more durability. Other rake handles, such as those from the UltraGrip line, are made of light and durable fiberglass.


Tines on Garant rakes are usually made of steel for maximum sturdiness. The professional Garant Pro Series includes rakes with a steel head and enamel finish for enhanced durability.

Garant offers a wide variety of rakes with specific functions. Some come with curved tines for easy soil penetration. The number of tines varies between 14 and 36. The larger the work surface, the better it is to choose a rake with more tines.


Great for spreading earth, clearing flower gardens, and loosening soil. Also useful for raking branches.


Very useful for levelling the ground when arranging flowerbeds or vegetable gardens. Excellent for adding the finishing touch.


Used to get rid of the compacted grass stems and roots that accumulate on the soil’s surface.


Useful for raking branches. To get rid of surface weeds and facilitates drainage in rocky soils. The Garant Pro Series offers a wide variety of rakes that will meet your most specific needs: asphalt rakes, road rakes, etc.

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