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Choosing the Right Cutting Tool

Oct 27 2015

Here are some of the features to be considered for buying tools that will help you take care of your cutting needs.


Whatever the diameter of the branch you need to cut, your tool must be able to cut it easily without requiring too much effort on your part. You plant, shrub or tree branches to cut? Garant offers a wide variety of pruners and lopping shears designed especially for different branch diameters (see “Cutting Capacity” on packaging).

For big or hard-to-reach branches, Garant trimmers do the job quickly and simply!

Our shears are perfect for edging the grass along flowerbeds and pruning your hedges.



Anvil models are strong enough not to bend or twist under pressure. Particularly recommended for cutting dead wood, which tends to be quite hard.


By-pass models work just like scissors, allowing the user to cut stems cleanly without crushing them, thus avoiding disease development. The serrated by-pass blade holds the stem in place.


Tension Knob

Some hedge shears are equipped with a tension knob that adjusts to the user’s strength and reduces fatigue during extended use.

Shock-Absorbing Bumper

Available on some Garant cutting tools, the shock-absorbing rubber bumper absorbs the impact of cutting and reduces hand and arm fatigue.


The ratchet allows the user to adjust the blade-cutting angle. Compared to conventional shears, the ratchet helps to significantly reduce the amount of effort expended while increasing the cutting pressure applied.

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