Buying Tools to Prepare for Winter

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Buying Tools to Prepare for Winter

Oct 27 2015

Blade Width

Where is the snow that you need to remove? A large parking space? A smaller space such as a balcony or stairs? Choose the blade width that will make the work easier. The narrower ones are good for removing snow in smaller places while larger ones are ideal for larger areas.

The amount of snow and its texture (light, wet, packed, etc.) will dictate the choice of blade width. Scrapers are best for pushing loose snow, while shovels are better for heavy compacted snow. Remember that it is safer to lift small quantities of snow.

Sleigh shovels are ideal for pushing large amounts of snow quickly and with little effort. Has ice built up on your walkways and entrances? Sidewalk scrapers can help you remove it, thereby preventing accidents. A larger blade width maximizes your power and facilitates de-icing tasks while minimizing your effort.

Garant has also the perfect tool for safely removing snow from your roof: The roof rake. It is also useful for removing snow from atriums and canvas type shelters.

Blade Material

An aluminum blade is lighter than a steel or forged steel blade (maximum durability). Poly blades are also interesting because of their lightness. They cause less damage on surfaces like wood.

Steel Wear Strip

A steel wear strip installed on the side of a shovel or scraper can maximize performance and minimize wear. It ensures added sturdiness for ice-covered surfaces.

Handle Material and Design

Hard wood, such as the ash used in the manufacture of many Garant tool handles, is very sturdy and will last for years to come, just like steel and fiberglass handles. Aluminum handles, however, are lighter.

Along handle without a grip or a short handle with a grip? Try them in store to find the tool that fits your needs.

The Yukon Ergo line is perfect for those looking for particularly comfortable, light and durable winter tools. With features such as extra-wide grips and curved handles made from a lightweight extruded aluminum, these tools reduce back strain and make snow removal jobs that much easier.

Professionals will love working with Garant pro Series shovels and scrapers that are designed for heavy-duty use.

Winter brings with it chores that are also an opportunity to spend time outdoors with your kids. Garant also has a line of kid shovels and scrapers.

Keep our traction aid and emergency snow shovel, or one of our specially designed shovels in trunk of your car in case you have a problem on the road.

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