SKU: 80105 / Model: FC348MS / UPC: 055636801057

3-Tine Cultivator, Short Handle

3-Tine Cultivator, Short Handle


This compact Garant Botanica cultivator is great to eliminate weeds and their roots and to loosen soil. Its three steel tines help you get the work done with little effort. A premium quality hardwood handle increases the sturdiness of this tool. Its length is perfect for working close to the ground, and the handle’s hanging hole makes it easy to put away. Lightweight and durable, Garant Botanica tools allow gardeners to perform their tasks with great care, even in small spaces. Garant Botanica features tools designed to be used in a variety of gardens, flowerbeds and yards. Garant Botanica helps bring gardening projects to life!

Technical details

Handle length
35.56 cm
Head height
8.89 cm
Head length
24.13 cm
Total length
54.61 cm
Total weight
0.4 kg
Handle length
Head height
Head length
0.88 lbs
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