The Roller Spreader: The Secret Weapon for a Greener Grass!

The Roller Spreader: The Secret Weapon for a Greener Grass!

How to Use the Garant Roller Spreader for a Perfect Yard

Looking for an effective way to spread compost, manure or peat moss on your lawn? The Garant Roller Spreader is an indispensable tool for keeping your lawn and garden in perfect condition. Find out how to optimize its use for best results.


When to use the spreader

Avoid spreading during heat waves or dry spells. Ideally, spreading should take place in Spring or before Winter. It is advisable to spread the material at least once a year during the growing season to promote healthy, regular growth.


Why choose the Garant Roller Spreader?

The Garant Roller Spreader is designed to spread materials such as manure, compost and peat moss evenly and efficiently. Its diamond-shaped holes ensure even coverage, promoting healthy, green vegetation growth. What's more, its ultra-sturdy steel construction and convenient access door for cleaning make this tool a durable choice for any gardener.


Step-by-step user guide:

  1. Preparing the mix

Mix the materials (soil, seed, compost, etc.) well to ensure even distribution once spread.

2. Filling the roller

Open the roller door and fill it with the prepared mixture. A small quantity of mixture will cover a very small area. Fill where you want to start.

  1. Spreading

Close and lock the door, then push the roller over the areas to be treated. Smooth movement ensures even distribution of material.

  1. Cleaning

After spreading, open the door to remove any remaining residue. The roller screen acts as a sieve, preventing unwanted debris from spreading over the ground.


Maintenance tips

Clean the Roller Spreader after each use to prevent rust and residue build-up. Store in a dry place. If you wish to water it, be sure to dry it well before storing, otherwise a dry cloth should suffice for cleaning.

With the Garant Roller Spreader, you have an invaluable ally for efficiently distributing various materials and boosting the health of your outdoor space. Don't forget to water your lawn after spreading, especially if the weather is dry!